Jane Darby Menton
ITS plans to improve services

The Yale Information Technology Service is unrolling a University-wide initiative to enhance its technological resources.

Students admitted to Mellon program

On Monday, 12 graduate students from eight different departments who were admitted to the interdisciplinary Mellon concentration assembled for the program’s inaugural meeting.

Courses scheduled for the weekend

Yale College Dean Mary Miller is working to devise plans for future emergency course rescheduling.

Yale weighs academic integrity policies

Yale administrators are reflecting on the University’s academic integrity policies after almost 70 Harvard students were implicated a cheating scandal.

Graduate School master’s programs reviewed

Graduate School Dean Thomas Pollard released a report on master’s programs Wednesday, following a comprehensive review of Yale’s doctoral programs conducted in 2011.

Faculty consider grading overhaul

Forty years ago, only 10 percent of grades awarded by Yale College were A’s. Last spring, that percentage was 62.

Faculty discuss shopping period, grading policies

At the first Yale College faculty meeting of the spring semester, professors discussed shopping period uncertainty and Yale’s grading policies.

Cautiously, Yale moves online

Yale considers new ways to make its educational resources available online while questioning what it will mean for traditional classroom education.

Students asked to withdraw as Harvard cheating scandal ends

On Friday, Harvard University announced that over half of the 125 students implicated in the largest Ivy League cheating scandal in recent memory were asked […]

GSA pushes Ph.D. funding

The Graduate Student Assembly is lobbying the administration to provide more funding for Ph.D. students who need a sixth year to complete their dissertations.

Abandoning Africa

When the Yale Divinity School introduced African language  courses into Yale’s curriculum in the late 18th century, becoming one of the first American universities to […]