James Cersonsky
Cersonsky: On privilege at Yale

Disagreeing with someone who has given you a lot makes for some tough love. Many students at Yale would consider themselves politically active, or at […]

Cersonsky: Two New Havens

At 1:50 yesterday afternoon, Assistant Chief of Yale Police Ronnell Higgins finally sent students something they, and their newspaper, wanted: a campus-wide email stating what […]

Cersonsky: Why I should’ve chosen Yale

If you want to hear angry groans from either side of the Yale Political Union, just stop halfway through a speech and tell the body […]

Bronstein, Cersonsky, Crosby and Eidelson: For financial aid reform

This month, 1,940 students will decide whether to accept their offers of admission to Yale. On Monday, many will come for Bulldog Days. They’ll attend […]

Cersonsky: Life, death and scholarship

Over spring break, I headed downtown from my Baltimore hotel for the International Conference on Infant Studies where I’d be presenting a poster on my […]

Cersonsky: Saintly values

In the midst of a reading response or an essay, I have a bad habit of clicking to ESPN.com and checking sports statistics. No matter […]

Cersonsky: Democracy in New Haven

Douglas Rae’s “City: Urbanism and its End” reads like a tragedy. We first meet late-nineteenth, early-twentieth century New Haven: a proudly localist “sidewalk republic,” a […]

Cersonsky: The end of the end of ideology

Last year in The Wall Street Journal, Sen. Joe Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 lamented the ideological fall of what was once an “unhesitatingly and proudly […]

Cersonsky: Rogue, reconsidered

Behind the verbal dexterity and endearing moderateness that have earned him 30-plus-comment praise on the News’ Web site, Matthew Shaffer (“Going rogue,” Nov. 16) is […]

Cersonsky: Step it up, Dwight Hall

At 8:15 on Sunday morning, the Party of the Left concluded its inaugural 12-hour charity debate-a-thon. For me, the appeal of the event was obvious […]

Cersonsky: Summer, rewritten, rethought

This summer I blogged about my life as a monkey psychologist in Puerto Rico. Six entries in all, lots of pictures and, by personal standards, […]