Jacqueline Kaskel
Staff Reporter
Jacqueline Kaskel edits for the WKND desk. She is a junior in Branford College majoring in English Language and Literature.
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Back in undergrad…

As I write this piece — my last one ever for the Yale Daily News — I am lounging outside at an Airbnb in Cape […]

How does a wknder get weird injuries?

I get injured a lot. Probably every day if I’m being honest. Between paper cuts, falls, bone breaks, scratches, bruises, mosquito bites and everything in […]

The Unspoken Truth About the Class of 2026

“They walk too slow.” “They travel in packs.” “They’re crowding up the dining halls.” These are only a few of the complaints that I’ve heard […]

Yale Places I’ve Cried

If you’ve met me, you probably know that I cry a lot. Most times, it’s a single tear shed while reading the ending of a […]

The dead shall be raised … or buried under the YUAG

What would you say if I told you there was a dead guy buried under the Yale University Art Gallery? Well, much to my dismay, […]

Running a half marathon: my knees are broken, but my heart is whole

One day, I decided to start running.  As a kid, I tried my hand at a bunch of different sports — soccer, track, swimming, dance, […]

Soundtracks Shaping Lives

Mars Adams: The first time I heard “Boys Will Be Bugs”, I was seventeen years old, listening to Spotify on shuffle in the dead of […]

Making Up for My Relationship with Makeup

When I was 12, I asked my mom if I could start wearing makeup, if I could buy some mascara. She almost burst into tears […]

A Letter to My Lover. I Want You Back

To my love,  As this second Monday in February draws nearer, I feel absolutely and completely overwhelmed. I’m drowning in couples that walk down the […]

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Looking to Yale’s Future

How are you feeling? This is often the question on everyone’s mind. It’s also the question nobody ever answers truthfully. Who wants to open that […]

What aren’t you grateful for?

As Thanksgiving draws near, we are all left to reflect on what we’re grateful for: family, friends, food, freedom, faith and the other wonderful things […]