Jacque Feldman
I came, I saw, I WWOOFed

I have consumed alcohol before nine in the morning on only two occasions. The first was Yale-Harvard ’08. The second was this summer while working […]

Feldman: The omnivore’s discussion

I am not in the habit of keeping abreast of politics. I have friends who are. They probably want to grab and shake me, to […]

Themes of a Third-Grade Diary

The following excerpts, originally recorded in light blue, “Milky” brand gel pen, have been taken directly from the diary of the author as an eight- […]

Backpage – She’s Just Not That into You

After a special trip to see He’s Just Not That Into You on opening night, your Girl Guides decide that male Yale needs its own […]

Around Elm City – Plan B

“These are going to be difficult years,” Mayor John DeStefano Jr. told New Haven on October 22. As the New Haven economy suffers with the […]

Profile – Zonana’s Defense

Howard Zonana tells me a story of two identical twins. They are psychotic. They both believe they have chips implanted in their brains. One twin […]