I came, I saw, I WWOOFed

I have consumed alcohol before nine in the morning on only two occasions. The first was Yale-Harvard ’08. The second was this summer while working in Cruis, a French town so small its market only had five stands. The other stands sold vegetables and fruit; chickens and homemade alcohol; sausage, wine, and cheese; and eggs. […]


Feldman: The omnivore’s discussion

Guest Column

Themes of a Third-Grade Diary

The following excerpts, originally recorded in light blue, “Milky” brand gel pen, have been taken directly from the diary of the author as an eight- and nine-year-old. Love Life Zachary likes me! He’s cute. I know he likes me because Rachel told me he does, and so did Paul, who is Zach’s best friend. Dana […]


Backpage – She’s Just Not That into You

After a special trip to see He’s Just Not That Into You on opening night, your Girl Guides decide that male Yale needs its own edition of the self-help book on which that sure-to-be blockbuster is based. Let’s reflect: Are you reeling in the girls? Are you reeling in even one girl? Are you more […]

Short Feature

Around Elm City – Plan B

“These are going to be difficult years,” Mayor John DeStefano Jr. told New Haven on October 22. As the New Haven economy suffers with the rest of the country, city administrators have moved quickly to cut costs. Few of them, however, have navigated the crisis as nimbly as those overseeing the education of New Haven’s […]

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Profile – Zonana’s Defense

Howard Zonana tells me a story of two identical twins. They are psychotic. They both believe they have chips implanted in their brains. One twin helps the other murder his wife. At his trial, he is found not guilty by reason of insanity. Dr. Zonana testifies in his defense. Vaguely mysterious, viscerally creepy, Hannibal Lecter’s […]

Short Feature