Jacob Wasserman
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WASSERMAN: The Bridgeport myth

“New Haven without Yale would be like Bridgeport.” Ever had someone snidely say this to you?

WASSERMAN: Dismantle the machinery of death

How can our nation have written into its laws that the appropriate response to one killing is another?

WASSERMAN: Our ward, our home

Like in the hometowns where we each grew up, we have a civic right to participate and shape the decisions made here.

WASSERMAN: Yale does care

At issue here, though, is whether Yalies are willing and able to take direct action in politics or activism in the Elm City.

WASSERMAN: Pass early voting in November

Soon, we in Connecticut will face a choice: to allow early voting or to maintain the massive structural problems of our current system.

SHAPIRO & WASSERMAN: Our ward, our responsibility

Because we believe that students have great potential to make a difference in our city, we are excited to announce our candidacy as co-chairs for the Ward 1 Democratic Committee.