Jacob Remes
Creating a Yale we’re all proud to be a part of

I love Yale. People sometimes doubt it and act confused when I say it, but it’s true. I love Yale because I am Yale. More […]

YCC to administration: negotiate with GESO

You wouldn’t know it from this newspaper, but the Yale College Council did something quite remarkable late Sunday night. It called on the Yale administration […]

Maya to Frances: Negative campaigning is the last thing we need

From: Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’86 To: Frances Beinecke ’71 FOR ’74 Re: Campaign I’ve been telling everyone who asks that I’m not interested in […]

Curbing professorial coercion everywhere

Imagine this scenario: professor X calls his graduate student into his office, closes the door, and says, “I think the two of us get along […]

Yale should revoke special admissions for athletes

Thirty five students a year might not seem like many. But when 12,887 students apply to Yale for only1,352 positions –as was the case last […]

Levin’s moves on MLK, early decision only a start

The beginning of this semester bodes well for Yale. Last month, President Richard Levin told The New York Times that he favored re-examining early decision. […]

Current tenure track hurts junior female profs

At the last Yale College Council public forum, we in the audience were treated to an eloquent discussion by Dean Richard Brodhead about the need […]

Re-evaluating Levin’s record on leadership

Last year, President Richard Levin argued that, contrary to criticism, he has indeed showed leadership. “People misconstrue what constitutes moral leadership — they think making […]

Unbridled free speech integral to Yale

I never thought I would say it, but today I am grateful for University President Richard Levin. There are, perhaps, many reasons to be glad […]

Increased scrutinizing of foreign students wrong

The parade of national flags at last Friday’s Tercentennial Convocation emphasized what we have been hearing for a long time now: Yale is an international […]

America’s first casualties of war: its civil liberties

Sitting on my desk is a pin that reads “For President: Convict No. 9653.” The man pictured is bald, and his expression looks like a […]