Jacob Cramer
Staff Reporter
Jacob (BF '22) was a staff writer for WKND. He wrote personal narratives that dove deep into pop culture or whatever was on his mind, often with the help of influencers and local experts. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he studied psychology and Spanish.
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PSA: Stay Freaky

Graduating seniors, we are FREEEAAAAKS! We’ve gone to naked parties, rubbed Theodore Dwight Woolsey’s toe, and watched orchestra concerts on Halloween. Our conversations include words […]

I’m bringing back Sillybandz to Yale

Before our Bright College Years, there was something even brighter: Sillybandz. Whether blinding neon, rainbow barf or tie dye, I’ve always assumed walking around at […]

The Best Summer Job Advice I’ve Gotten was from a Cotton Candy Business Owner

Before I knew the words “return offer” and “cover letter,” summer was my favorite time of year. There’s no feeling that can match the freedom […]

Podcasts to Pull You Through Midterms

As we begin midterms season, you may be wondering how you can one-up the section asshole in your poli sci class. We at WKND have […]

There’s a New Gamer Among Us. It’s Me.

What do Logic, AOC and my 7-year-old nephew have in common?  Answer: They’ve all played Among Us. And now, I have, too. You’ve probably played […]

Harvard Students Helped Me Become TikTok Famous

I copped two senior superlatives in my 2018 high school yearbook: “Most Likely to Save the Planet” and “Most Likely to Become Internet Famous.” Two […]

How I Started the World’s Smallest Nation

On Aug. 17 at 2:33 a.m., you would have found me frantically writing lyrics for the national anthem of the world’s smallest and most recently […]