Jackson McHenry
MCHENRY: How’s the weather?

Soon, the snow will set in, and the cold will seep into your bones. But look around; this day can still be beautiful.

MCHENRY: Notes on Notes from Woodbridge Hall

In the course of fewer than 10 emails, our president has quoted poetry from Rabindranath Tagore, name-checked Will Eaves and pulled out a handy little reference to the 1980s com- puter game “Carmen Sandiego.”

MCHENRY: Delaying gratification and marshmallows

This kind of delayed gratification, when you know the reward is sure to come, is easy to put into practice in everyday life. But, at some point, the game changes, and the prizes become vague and less guaranteed.

MCHENRY: In defense of “midterms”

The typical Yale student, in my opinion, complains because, he or she, despite whatever comes with being “a typical Yale student,” is not always happy.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Thanks to “Inspector Hound”

At one point in “The Real Inspector Hound,” the play’s five central characters realize that there may be a murderer in their midst and they all rush to grab improvised weapons — the maid gets a rope, the ex-soldier in a wheelchair clutches a bent pipe and a young socialite fiercely wields a candlestick.

MCHENRY: Anatomy of a marathon

In college, the escapism that marathoning a television show can bring is hard to find.

MCHENRY: Trust the hog

I don’t know how to avoid these melancholic weekend mornings, but do I want to recommend watching the Groundhog Day celebration.

MCHENRY: Returning again and again

There’s something to be said for the fact that people will change.

MCHENRY: Dealing with Grinches

But whoever aligned Stonehenge to mark the winter solstice also knew something else that the Grinches forget — that winter doesn’t last.

Duron ’14 eliminated from ‘The Voice’

Yale singing sensation and teenage heartthrob Dez Duron ’14 was eliminated from the popular NBC singing show “The Voice” last night, much to the dismay […]

MCHENRY: Updating My Status

In response to changes in Facebook’s guidelines, I am updating my status to declare that, without my consent, it will be illegal to disseminate my […]