DOYLE: Harper, Trout and growing up

When you’re eight years old, most sports stars you watch and worship on TV are two decades older than you.

DOYLE: Transcending the bike

If you haven’t seen it in the headlines yet, you soon will: Lance Armstrong, the celebrated American cyclist, has been stripped of his record seven straight Tour de France titles. The ruling became official yesterday after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released a mountainous, 164-page report last week with overwhelming evidence that Armstrong used illegal performance-enhancing […]

DOYLE: Let’s get away from the sensationalism

Beer and chicken. Marriage troubles. Pain medication abuse. Scandalous golf outings. Sounds like the plot to a crappy daytime soap opera, doesn’t it? Nope. These are the headlines that define the Boston Red Sox season in 2012. Headlines about pitching ERA’s, batting averages, and lineups were conspicuously secondary. While eight elite teams battle in the […]