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Shear Agony

In “In Cold Blood,” Truman Capote writes how the teenaged Nancy Clutter brushed her hair 100 times each night before she went to sleep. She […]

Ask Jack: Fertile Ground for a Budding Romance

DEAR JACK: It’s been three weeks since I found the love of my life. Who knew that I would meet my soulmate on the very […]

Flying Down to Rio

Every four years, in the month of August, hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the globe descend upon a new city for […]

Evacuate the Dzana-floor

The cold spring air blew past my face as I strode over to the Morse-Stiles Crescent Theater. A lone Salsa Fresca wrapper blew past me […]

Ask Jack: Making the most of your time at Yale

DEAR JACK: I’m so excited to be back on campus after a great spring break. I love hanging out with my friends on Cross Campus, […]

Absent without leave in Mashantucket

A few weeks ago, I received an email advertising “free concert tickets.” As I consciously choose not to read the many warnings about phishing from Rich Mikelinich, Yale’s chief information security officer, I opened the email and skimmed its contents. “Free,” “concert” and “tickets” were the only words I gleaned from the message, and that was enough for me to fire back a response with my name, phone number and social security number.

Love thy Neighbors: Andrew Cohen on Zac Efron, Judd Apatow and how to make it in Hollywood

Andrew J. Cohen ’99 wrote “Neighbors,” the 2014 blockbuster starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, and the upcoming “Neighbors 2” and “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” He recently wrote and directed his first feature film, “The House,” starring Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell. Cohen sat down with WKND to discuss breaking into the industry, his directorial debut and issues of racism and sexism in Hollywood today.

You’ve Got Matches

Rihanna is having a moment. She has a number one hit single, “Work,” with the infinitely meme-able Drake; her eighth studio album, “Anti,” is number three on the Billboard 200; and, in 48 hours, she acquired almost 80 matches on Tinder in the one-mile radius around Yale.

I double dip and so should you

Fortunately for me, “Double Dip” is my favorite party pastime and the name of the MFA students’ painting and printmaking thesis exhibition, currently on view in the Green Hall Gallery.

Reality Clocks Out in “Cloud Tectonics”

Love is patient, but life is not. “Cloud Tectonics” by José Rivera, showing at the Yale Cabaret this weekend, is equally funny and thrilling, an intimate portrayal of a romance as it forms over the course of one very long evening. If your love language isn’t Spanish, turn your brightness to low and pull up Google Translate. If you’re not the type to pull out your phone or desktop computer at the theater, congratulations on not being a terrible person — and fear not, there’s only one monologue in Spanish. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a few new words, like quesadilla, and leave the theatre remarking, “Coño, that was a good show.”

Getting through the New Year Blues

DEAR JACK: The New Year seems to hold little new for me. Thus far, I have only experienced the same sense of overwhelming disappointment that […]