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Sibling Fashion Duo talks art and politics

A photo on their blog shows the two style masterminds behind 2manysiblings seated next to each other against the background of a starlit sky. The sky boasts a mix of orange and yellow and blue that you only see when you leave Nairobi. The type of sky that inspires the fear that even though we live in places and meet people that every second in the world there are a million a billion a zillion different things happening and we are missing out on them. 2manysiblings is a two-person art collective who, apart from running a popular art and style blog, get styling gigs and also organize events where fellow style enthusiasts can buy and sell fashion-forward clothing.

She Is Not Mine

Girls leave boys all the time. When Shiku said she was leaving me, I cleared my throat and said, “Leave the keys on the windowsill, […]

Conrad Whom I Don’t Care About

I open my eyes that morning and see Dan’s head.

Sewing Our Mouths

The girl behind me speaks French on the phone. There is something about the way she speaks that reminds me of Anna, my Senegalese friend, […]

I Will Be Back, Nairobi

I wonder if you miss me, Nairobi. I wonder who massages your back with her feet now that I am not around. I know you cried, […]