Isa Qasim
QASIM: Riding on the roadway

These beautiful, goofy, silly, loving moments have defined my four years here.

QASIM: Transforming tap

It is difficult to know exactly how to respond to the email sent by Danny Avraham ’15 to the undergraduate student body yesterday.

QASIM: The end of things

I find attempts to mark moments in time supremely frustrating.

QASIM: Let it snow

We should reconsider our knee-jerk reaction to New Haven winters.

QASIM: Say ‘I love you’

One winter day my sophomore year, a senior on the track team drove me back to campus from practice. As I got out of the car and my friend was about to drive off, he called out the window, “See you later, man. I love you.” Without really thinking I replied, “Yeah, I love you too.”

QASIM: The contours of liberalism

I rarely hear any distinctions made between the various progressive philosophies held on this campus.

QASIM: The value of amateurism

For many schools, sports are no longer an end in themselves but rather a tool for money.

QASIM: The virtue of sacrifice

Now, in our senior year, my friends and I are stepping away from the things we cared so much about.

QASIM: Controversy revisited

Meaningful intellectual discourse can only take place in a space of trust. We are only willing to open ourselves up to other ideas or present our own when we feel we will be respected throughout.

QASIM: Let’s show up

When we show up for one another, we cultivate a University-wide sense of spirit.

QASIM: We’re not selling out

I think the reason so many of us feel vaguely uncomfortable with taking a job in consulting or finance, and why some choose to publicly decry it, is the sense that in doing so we are selling out.