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Some Suite Tunes

Inspired by Julie Beck from “The Atlantic” and her series “The Friendship Files,” Isa Dominguez has a conversation with two first-years from Timothy Dwight College. […]

Shakman’s journey from Westwood to Westview

Yale in Hollywood, an alumni-based organization that features Yalies working in the entertainment industry, hosted Matt Shakman ’97 last Friday as a part of their […]

An illustration of Shakman and a TV showing the two main characters of the show.
An Elegy for Hugs

I saw once   Someone holding a sign In big letters it said “Free hugs! Spread love, not hate!”   I walked by that person, […]

Chasing Success

There are three rules I used to follow while chasing for opportunities to succeed. One: Once I saw an opportunity, I had to chase it. […]

Yale students weigh in on Department of Justice lawsuit

This month, the US Department of Justice sued Yale over alleged discrimination against white and Asian American applicants in the admissions process. YTV spoke to […]

What makes a great Yale College Council president?

In preparation for the announcement of results from the 2020 Yale College Council elections, Yale students tell us what they’re looking for in a president. […]

First years explore New Haven after completing quarantine

After completing a two-week quarantine in their residential colleges, Yale students are finally free to explore New Haven and the rest of the campus. YTV […]

Yalies innovate to receive course materials amid online learning

In response to delayed shipping times for books, librarians and professors have worked to get  course materials to students both on and off campus through […]