Isabel Marin
ABOUTORABI, ANDINO AND MARIN: Change the climate, end Sex Week

Last spring, the editors of the News wrote that “the project of reforming Yale’s sexual culture is a formidable one.” This challenge followed upon an […]

Marin: A place at the Center

Choose Life at Yale, Yale’s undergraduate pro-life organization, recently applied to be a residence group at the Women’s Center. The application proved to be a […]

Marin: An unjust judgment in Virginia

The fire slowly burned his flesh, and the iron bed upon which he was strapped must have glowed a dull red. Saint Lawrence suffered as […]

Marin: A question of comfort

We can agree that Yale should be a safe and comfortable place for its students. Yale has opened her doors to women, racial minorities, those […]

Marin: Free to be bound

There are few hijab-wearing women at Yale. Though this is, perhaps, to be expected given the low percentage of Muslim students and faculty, I feel […]

Marin: We don’t need bridges

“I do not know much about gods; but I think that the river Is a strong brown god — sullen, untamed and intractable.” When Eliot […]