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After Orange

It was 6 a.m. on an unseasonably warm, humid November day as I waited for the white van I knew was due to arrive sometime before 7:30 a.m.

New colleges redefine a neighborhood

For months now, residents of Mansfield, Sachem and Winchester streets near Ingalls Rink have dealt with the inconveniences of living right next to one of the largest construction projects in Connecticut history.

Syrian refugees look to Murphy for aid

On July 28, 41-year-old Omaia, her husband and three of their four children became the first refugees of the Syrian Civil War to arrive in New Haven.

Students workshop college apps at Career High School

Want to increase college attendance rates for low-income, first-generation students? There is an app for that — many apps, actually, as students at Career High School learned Friday morning.

High schools look to college and vocational training

Inside the classrooms at New Haven Academy, students take the usual slate of high school classes, as well as a more unusual offering: a four-year progression of courses designed to teach students to plan for the future and successfully apply to college. According to NHA Principal Greg Baldwin, 100 percent of graduating seniors are accepted to at least one college or university.

College construction offers jobs, raises question on Yale bidding process

The cranes that were recently hoisted up to Yale’s skyline — towering above a pit teeming with machinery and workers in hardhats — look to students like a sign of things to come, a tangible reminder that today’s Yale is not tomorrow’s.

Exhibition highlights protest art from Eastern Europe, New Haven

Ranging from a stress-ball-like bust of Vladimir Lenin to the campaign office of a fictional New Haven aldermanic candidate, the pieces in a new local exhibition aim to convey diverse conceptions of protest.

Hard to Tell: Sexual Violence at Yale

The narrative, meanwhile, has left some stories untold. Those stories are of women attempting to live — not just survive — in this small community after acts of sexual violence.

Volleyball league creates community, makes history

The gym at the Nathan Hale School was filled with music, footsteps and the relentless sound of flesh hitting rubber as a dozen adults sought athletic glory in a coed New Haven Volleyball League game.

Art beyond the bubble

At Yale, administrators in the YUAG, Office of New Haven and State Affairs, and the School of Music work to keep doors open, invite community members in and form partnerships with local schools.

Annual conference celebrates King

Over 300 people attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Conference at Wexler-Grant Community School yesterday, participating in lectures, performances and workshops held in the name of making the holiday “a day on, not a day off.”