Isabel Beshar
BESHAR: One more pill

The next time you call Yale Health, think twice before requesting that Z-Pak.

BESHAR: How much for those genes?

The ruling may seem insignificant — judicial jargon based on the input of a “c” before DNA — but it will unequivocally impact the way our generation confronts a disease familiar to so many of our own mothers and grandmothers.

BESHAR AND HIEBERT: iPads in the emergency room?

A particular generational divide has informed one discussion: electronic medical records.

ABHYANKAR AND BESHAR: Pink needles and misplaced fears

The line between health and politics cannot be blurred.


The question is not “Can we end AIDS?” It is “Will we?” Does the U.S. have the political willpower to implement the substantial means to achieve a great end? The answer is yours to decide.

BESHAR: A simple education

Seated on a plastic kindergartener’s chair, I must have looked ridiculous. My long legs barely fit under the chair and the 103-degree heat was becoming […]