Isaac Yu
Staff Reporter
Isaac Yu was the News' managing editor. He covered transportation and faculty as a reporter and laid out the front page of the weekly print edition. He co-founded the News' Audience desk, which oversees social media and the newsletter. He was a leader of the News' Asian American and low-income affinity groups. Hailing from Garland, Texas, Isaac is a Berkeley College junior majoring in American Studies.
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Faculty senate renamed to encompass distinct engineering faculty

The body, formerly known as the FAS Senate, will have a new name to reflect its representation of a newly-distinct engineering faculty. The Senate will also seek to add three seats in order to re-balance representation between its four divisions.

ER&M flexes independence with three new hires

The program, which gained hiring power in 2019 after years of advocacy, will bring on two new junior faculty members in Native studies and one in Latinx studies.

FAS Senate condemns Russian invasion, labs offer support for displaced Ukrainian scientists

More than a dozen faculty offered positions in their labs and research groups to displaced Ukrainian scholars.

Yale kicks off search for new science dean

A committee will search for the next FAS divisional leader, who will come into the full-time role as Yale makes sweeping steps in its science strategy.

The Yalie Ep 10: Behind-the-scenes at the Beijing Olympics with NBC’s Jing Tsu

In this episode of the Yalie, a campus news podcast, the News sat down with Jing Tsu, professor of modern China who served as cultural […]

FAS dean’s office to train faculty in leadership roles

A new fellowship designed by Faculty of Arts & Sciences Dean Tamar Gendler’s office aims to help mid-career faculty bridge the gap between research and administrative responsibilities.

Professor Jing Tsu talks new highly-acclaimed book on China

Kingdom of Characters, which explores the foundations of Chinese script, was featured on the front page of the New York Times Book Review.

Reporter Susan Dominus takes over ‘Journalism’ after Woodward departure

Bob Woodward is not teaching the English seminar this spring after a tense final semester. He does not have plans to teach again but did not rule out the possibility. Woodward’s successor is another Pulitzer-winning Yale alum who has extensive credentials reporting for the New York Times.

DOJ announces end of Trump-era China Initiative

Yale advocates who organized a faculty letter in protest of the government’s anti-spy campaign expressed cautious optimism.

Who might be the next Yale College Dean?

No single candidate has emerged, but the new dean will likely be a long-standing member of Yale’s faculty who has served as a head of college.

SOM tenure denial sparks debate on diversity in academia

On Feb. 15, associate professor at the Yale School of Management Michael Kraus announced on Twitter that he had been denied tenure. His fellow academics […]