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IFTIKHAR: Crisis as history

As the December cold set in, the bones of our house and the brick and mortar of my body shuddered from its isolating frigidity. Our […]

IFTIKHAR: The pandemic was a portal

When the walking began in Delhi, Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy drove to Ghazipur on the border between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The walking […]

IFTIKHAR: Fire! Fire! Gentrifier!

What was once home to the Quinnipiac tribe of Native Americans is now a modern-day Lululemon-J.Crew-Apple Store retail bazaar. The story of the gentrification of […]

IFTIKHAR: Walking away

When you walk down Hillhouse Avenue on a quiet Tuesday afternoon, you can almost imagine yourself as the protagonist of one of those 1980s movies […]

IFTIKHAR: Pathways for change

Room, food tent, courtyard. Room, food tent, Dwight Hall, courtyard. Room, Dwight Hall, food tent, courtyard, food tent, room. For a week now, I have […]

IFTIKHAR: No fail Yale

I have lived on Yale’s campus for a mere seven months, which makes me five-sixths of a first year. These past seven months have been […]

IFTIKHAR: Hanif, home and haalat

“Get some sleep, Secretary General, get some sleep. Revolution can wait till the morning.” In Mohammed Hanif’s infamous novel “A Case of Exploding Mangoes,” Ali […]

IFTIKHAR: The students before us

In March 2017, student protestors disrupted a Middlebury College talk by infamous American political scientist and sociologist Charles Murray, known not only for (you guessed […]

IFTIKHAR: Speak with us, not at us

Sweat pooling on my brow, I frantically typed 200 words per second as a barrage of adverbs, adjectives and nouns I’d never heard before were […]