Ilan Ben-Meir
November First

By Ilan Ben-Meir

Ben-Meir: Putting Elevate in perspective

Since word first broke of Friday’s raid at Elevate, the topic has dominated our campus conversation. Charges of police brutality contend with more cautious and […]

Ben-Meir: Taking on the talking heads

Over the last few weeks, it has become part of the conventional wisdom that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives following this […]

Ben-Meir: Replacing Justice Stevens

When John Paul Stevens announced his retirement on Friday, intense speculation began as to who President Obama would select to replace him. Would the president […]

Ben-Meir: Why is this night different?

Tonight, instead of taking my weekly French test, I will be going to a Seder. Those who know me, even in passing, might well see […]

Ben-Meir: Political performances

This week’s presidential health care summit felt decidedly unreal. While White House officials and Congressional leaders from both parties gathered for a seven-hour discussion on […]

Ben-Meir: Days for different stories

Although we can hardly be blamed for spending Valentine’s Day reading love letters instead of headlines, the front page of Sunday’s paper was not blank. […]

Ben-Meir: Returning to the island

Last night, many Yalies breathlessly watched the premier of the final season of “Lost,” while many others wondered why anyone would still bother to watch. […]

Ben-Meir: Learn, then opine

Watching President Obama announce his decision to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, I did not know what to think. I hate war categorically, although […]

Ben-Meir: Partisanship gone awry

Exactly one year ago, although it feels like much longer, America elected Barack Obama as its 44th president. Since then, the national mood has changed […]

Ben-Meir: Internal dissident

In recent weeks, Joe Biden has emerged as one of the loudest voices within the Obama administration arguing against escalating of the war in Afghanistan. […]