Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

In Ghana, the women carry everything on their heads. Canisters of propane, bowls of groundnuts, platters of water sachets. The clear bags gleam in the equatorial sunlight. In the rural towns, where there is no plumbing, this is how water is transported. Half a liter of liquid is sealed in a few inches of plastic. […]

Small Talk

New Haven Port Authority makes progress

The New Haven Port Authority held its monthly meeting on Thursday evening, reviewing its progress on numerous projects over the past year.


Yale grad appointed DEEP commissioner

Robert Klee LAW ’04 FES ’05, chief of staff at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), was appointed as the department’s new commissioner on Thursday.


SWETLITZ: We are not numbers

Guest Column

Synthetic biology ‘MAGEs’ compete

One day over the summer, David Lim ’13 brought a sleeping bag to his biology lab to complete a 20-hour procedure. Lim’s scientific dedication was part of his work on Yale’s research team for the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition, which invites groups of students to submit original synthetic biology research projects. Yale’s team attended […]


Artistic laboratory comes to life

On Sunday, a man wielding a cordless reciprocating saw, a woman with a tiny microscope and an architecture student with a clove of garlic, among others, brought to life a new artistic collaboration that unites eight of Yale’s schools. Assembled by Saga Blane ARC ’13 as her master’s thesis project, “XS” creates a space for […]


World fellow rows around world to save it

Roz Savage, 44, set out from the Canary Islands in 2005. Seven years, 15,000 miles, 5 million oar strokes and four world records later, she arrived in Mauritius. Last month, she began a new chapter of her life as a World Fellow at Yale. An ocean rower from England, Savage uses her seafaring expeditions to […]


Fungi-infected trees full of methane

Some trees, when infected by microorganisms, may be emitting significant amounts of the greenhouse gas methane, according to a recent Yale study. This study, published last month by a team of scientists at Yale, Columbia University, and the State University of New York at Buffalo in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, found that heart rot […]


TFs co-lead history seminars

In an effort to increase the number of quality teaching opportunities for graduate students fulfilling their requirements, a new program piloted this semester by the History Department has paired doctoral candidates with professors to teach seminars. The Seminar Fellow Program allows graduate students to help design, plan and teach seminars normally led solely by faculty […]


Howard Dean ’71 commends young generation

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean ’71 told students Thursday afternoon that they are better positioned to enact political change than previous generations. At a Pierson College Master’s Tea, Dean said the connectivity fostered by the Internet and has empowered young people to develop long-term solutions to societal issues. This shift lends itself to “bottom-up” efforts, […]


NPR producer “Considers” things

Graham Smith, a senior producer for NPR’s All Things Considered, had a lot to share with the students who attended Monday’s Master’s Tea in Calhoun College. Instead of summarizing the talk, I’m going to follow Smith’s own method for putting together an episode of the show: “It’s called All Things Considered but we don’t really […]