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Earth’s crust dates back earlier than previously thought, Yale study finds

A recent study by two Yale researchers discovered that the Earth’s crust had to have begun growing soon after the planet’s formation to allow for the time needed for mantle convection.

Yale astronomer helps find two supermassive black holes at closest distance yet

Yale professor and astronomer, Meg Urry, was involved in the discovery of a pair of active supermassive black holes at the center of a nearby galaxy.

Yale’s LGBTQ+ alumni association plans upcoming events, long-term strategy

Yale GALA is hosting monthly book club readings and other fun events during the holiday season while conducting surveys and listening sessions so that their future plans reflect LGBTQ+ alumni’s wants.

Yale postdoc wins Romer Prize for 3D modeling of extinct animal joints

Armita Manafzadeh’s unique data-driven approach to analyze the joints of dinosaurs and other extinct animals at the Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies earned recognition from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Researchers develop new and direct method to study singularities

Incoming Yale assistant professor and fellow researchers at University of California, Berkeley use an ultra-cold atom approach to study singularities in the band structure of materials.