Ida Tsutsumi Acuna
TSUTSUMI ACUNA: Battling schadenfreude

“Schaden” met “Freude” and the concepts of harm and joy became jointly represented in the one and only schadenfreude — pleasure derived from another’s misfortunes.

TSUTSUMI ACUNA: Love in the age of Tinder

To die without finding love seems to most romantics a tragic fate. But thankfully, that would be a much more difficult fate to achieve than it might have been in past generations.

TSUTSUMI ACUNA: Srsly saving language

Should we be worried that we are becoming more willing to read sentences in which we are frcd to fll the gps?

TSUTSUMI ACUNA: The difference one gun makes

No American family should have to hold on to the pain and the tragedy of an anecdote about a shooting.

TSUTSUMI ACUNA: Why, not how

As children, we make sense of life by asking questions. But as we grow older, the questions we ask change.