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Life in the Sad Lane

“A Little Life” is a book that almost physically hurts to read.

Two Sides of the Same Landscape

The Jonathan Edwards Gallery is currently playing host to the works of two of Yale’s very own student-artists, Caroline Tisdale ’18 and Paul Chung ’17. The show is the product of the duo’s time in Iceland over the summer, where they travelled to find unique inspiration for their art in Iceland’s otherworldly landscape.

Geneva Decker
The Delicate Magic of Hong Sang-Soo

A girl walks into a bar, orders a glass of soju (a Korean alcoholic beverage), and begins a conversation with a man, probably a little […]

More than skin deep

The Canadian television series “Sensitive Skin” premiered on HBO Canada on July 20th, 2014.

The Artists in Residential Colleges

This semester, I wanted to find a creative outlet in my life that would serve to ground me through another crazy Yale schedule. So I […]


If you asked a random person on the street what the best time period for music has been, you’d get a pretty wide range of […]

Voices From Crown Street

I haven’t met Andrew yet. At this point I don’t even know his name, but I’m already hearing a story that has stuck with him […]

Art Stepping Into the Digital Landscape

“mo(ve)ments: African Digital Subjectivities,” part of Africa Salon’s slate of activities, can be found at the School of Art this week. The exhibit is meant to explore the ways that technology intersects with contemporary African art, and the way that African artists have incorporated the Internet and other digital media into their canvases.

The scars of war

“Refugees: Stories of Life’s Dreams and Scars,” a multimedia installation by Mohamad Hafez, explores the effects and horrors of the Syrian refugee crisis, as well as the aftermath of the war in Iraq. Hafez and his two collaborators, brother-sister duo Wurood and Maher Mahmoud, have created a topical and haunting installation that humanizes the consequences of conflict.

A woman under the influence (of existen- tialism)

Here’s a weird book that more people should know about: The novel is called “Malina,” written by Austrian poet and author Ingeborg Bachmann in 1971.

Tuesday night writers’ retreat

“Drinkers with a Writing Problem” is a funny and intriguing name for a club; when I first heard the name, I was instantly curious. They are a writing group that gets together once a week to discuss, workshop and share in a creative space.