Hugh Baran
Baran: The choice to act is ours

Last week’s announcement of an early contract settlement with Locals 34 and 35 came as a welcome surprise to many in the city who have […]

Baran: Responsible promise

What will economic recovery in New Haven look like? This question is on the minds of many, even as we continue to fully account for […]

Baran: Change requires mobilization

The past few weeks have shown us that true change is even more of a struggle than we might previously have believed. As if we […]

Baran: Budgets good and bad

The federal budget unveiled by President Obama last week is nothing short of breathtaking. With it, the President is truly delivering us “change we can […]

Baran: Two leaders to emulate

Last week saw Congressional Democrats make several sad and unfortunate compromises in the effort to pass President Obama’s urgent economic stimulus package. After nearly every […]

Baran: Candidate(s) short on ideas

At this moment of ever-worsening economic crisis, the pre-primary for Ward 1 alderman announced last week by Ward 1 Democratic co-chairwomen Adzua Agyapon ’11 and […]

Baran: A chance to restore the rule of law

Despite our President-elect’s promises during his campaign that the United States would reject torture on his watch, there are troubling signs that the Obama era […]

Baran: Debunking investment myths

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. The campus is abuzz in the wake of the highly successful launches of […]

Baran: More to do to help workers

Now that we’ve finally elected a pro-worker president, progressives can take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief — but only a moment. Fortunately, […]

Baran: A progressive failure out West

Progressives have suddenly woken up to the fact that civil rights are in serious jeopardy in California. Current polls show that Proposition 8, which would […]

Baran: Act amid depression

As the country teeters on the brink of total economic collapse, the rumblings of panic and uncertainty grow more audible each day. There is palpable […]