Hillary August
Christian athletes take action

On Monday evening, most Yale students were settling into their rooms to begin a stressful three weeks of papers and exams. But while the rest […]

SLU pledges undergo an intense initiation process

Initiation rites are not uncommon for college organizations, especially for Greek life. Some fraternities put pledges through a cookie eating and milk chugging contests; some […]

The eternal question: does this game even matter?

By Hillary August STAFF REPORTER Harvard sucks, Princeton doesn’t matter. Or does it? In the exalted Harvard-Yale-Princeton rivalry, Princeton has traditionally been on the fringes, […]

Many Elis break from norm, lean right

At Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity’s annual Mortician’s Ball, the football players who stood at the entry of the raucous event collected an entry fee in […]

Abortions are covered by plan, but still rare

Very few Yale women receive an abortion while undergraduates at the University. But under the Yale Health Plan’s basic coverage afforded to every student, any […]

Profs see outcome of election as crucial

As a nail-biting presidential race stretched into the early morning, it became apparent that the next commander in chief would be determined by only a […]

Election puts Yale in world spotlight

Memona Hintermann, a French correspondent for the television station France 3, leaned across the table and, speaking with the ease and frankness of a seasoned […]

Wai falls in quarterfinals of ITA champs

Despite a rough fall season filled with injuries that affected some of its top players, the men’s tennis team received invitations for eight players to […]

Despite campaign mania, some choose apathy

In the 2000 presidential election, President Bush took Florida by a margin of 537 votes. But Florida-native Andy Levine ’08 is not planning on casting […]

In Labs, some say credit is due

Every week, the average Yale student may spend around 12 hours in class. But molecular biophysics and biochemistry major Alexandra Antonioli ’07 spends over 19 […]

Baseball beats city rivals for title

The Yale baseball team overcame two Connecticut teams Saturday to take the City Series Title. The Bulldogs began the one-day tournament with a 7-1 win […]