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‘I’m going to feed you with language’: Q&A with Yale NACC Ojibwe Language Class Professor Barbara Nolan

Every Thursday during this spring semester, eight members of the Yale community logged onto a Zoom meeting for two hours of education, conversation and storytelling […]

Across the board: Yale–Harvard in other sports

Men’s cross country The Yale, Harvard and Princeton men’s cross country teams went head to head in the Bronx, New York, at their annual HYP […]

Yalies affected by Hurricane Matthew

Yalies who hail from southern states found a supportive community — both in New Haven and online — after Hurricane Matthew tore through their hometowns.

Lecture covers activism, aid in the Congo

Activism in central Africa was on the minds of 30 students who gathered in St. Anthony Hall Wednesday afternoon to hear Jason Stearns GRD ’16 […]

Buckley event addresses free speech on campus

A group of around 40 Yale professors and members of the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program gathered at The Study on Saturday evening to celebrate […]