Harrison Marks
Marks: Where are the grass-fed burgers?

Those who know me know I am passionate about my Yale Sustainable Food Project grass-fed burgers. I did not take their disappearance from the dining […]

Marks: Don’t work on administration’s schedule

I’m not surprised. The Yale administration, while well intentioned, works on a different timeline than we students do. Our four years spent at Yale as […]

Marks: Change Credit/D policy

Yale College policy dictates that students who submit course schedules late will not be permitted to take classes Credit/D/Fail for the current semester. I learned […]

YCC to Yale Corp: Objections? Anyone?

The prisoner’s dilemma, sunk cost, groupthink — three academic principles that almost all Yalies will learn before they graduate. Taught in most introductory Economics and […]

YSFP to reveal nutrition facts

Yalies who assume that the sustainable food they consume in the dining halls is better for them than the standard fare may be in for […]