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Aries: Yes, you should get that tattoo. No, you shouldn’t skip class to do it.

Hometown Hookup

“So… are you ready to see him?” I don’t take my eyes off the road before me as Inez asks the question from the passenger seat. “See who?” I ask, straining my eyes to read the street signs through the quickly-falling dusk.

Flirting with the Enemy — one year later

A sequel to “Flirting with the Enemy” The brisk November air breezes right through your leggings and chills your shins as you hurry into Payne […]

Virginia Peng
I don’t know you, but I bet I can predict your love life

It’s a Saturday night. The pounding bass and flashing lights from the Bulldog Bash on Old Campus have turned your brain to mush. You’re a first year who is straining to hear your friends amidst the carefully-crafted Yale-sponsored chaos, and that’s when you see him: the guy from the laundry room. 

A girl’s guide to girl math

Give a moment of grace to the brave soul who struggles on the common room piano. Pay no mind to a misplayed note or stochastic rhythm. Do not let them disturb your walk to the dining hall. In between getting lost in basements and figuring out how to open doors, one of Yale’s quirks that stood out to me was its abundance of public pianos. They can be spotted in the more well-furnished dining halls and in every common room. In the Hopper common room, I even found two: placed back to back in anticipation of their next duet.

Girl math!
When worlds collide: what to do when your friends come visit

“GUYS GUYS GUYS” “ANGIE IS COMING!!!!” “YOU ALL HAVE TO MEET HER!!!!” I grin at my phone as the replies to my enthusiastic texts pour […]

Hannah Kurczeski
The friends that stick (& the ones that don’t)

“Hannah?” I turn to face Phelps Gate and see Cat’s smiling face as she jogs through the archway. “Cat!” I screech, breaking into a full […]

old campus
How to dodge your opps

For the purpose of this article, an “opp” is defined as the following: Opp (noun) A person that is, in any way, shape, or form, […]

First year, first love

“Are you sure this is the right place?”  I stare up at entryway B of Vanderbilt Hall on Old Campus, skeptical. The air has the […]

A Definitive, Unbiased Ranking of All of The Best DCOMs

It’s 8:00 p.m. on Jan. 20, 2006. You’re sitting on your couch, watching a New Year’s scene unfold. Gabriella and Troy are belting out “Start […]

Once Upon a Hopeless Romantic’s Dream

“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dreeeeaaaammmm.” My four-year-old self wandered around the playroom at St. Mary’s preschool, trailing closely behind […]