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An Ode to Amtrak Northeast Regional 164

There’s a sense of peace that I get from my (roughly) bi-annual trip on the Northeast Regional 164 Amtrak train that I can’t seem to […]

Home for the Holidays

“I’ll be home for Christmas, You can plan on me…” Carrie Rogers glared at her car radio, where Michael Buble’s crooning voice was emanating from […]

Going Home

My car jumps as it rides over the trademark Pennsylvania potholes, tracing the familiar path through my town to Haylie’s house. The sights outside my […]

Yale College pushes for more small-town, rural students

Over the last six years, Yale Admissions has worked towards greater geographic diversity. Past and present members of the Rural Students Alliance at Yale expressed support for expanding on-campus support through a new peer liaison program.

Flirting with the Enemy

“You can set your bags down over there.” You brush your hair out of your face and survey the room around you. It’s small, much […]

A Silent Battle

It’s coming.  every fiber of my being  every bone in my body every ounce of my brain knows. The hair on my arms  stands like […]

WKND Horoscope

Aries It’s your favorite time of year: election season! Try to avoid picking unnecessary political fights. Or don’t. You’ve never been one to let people […]

Catching myself

If I were a season, I’d be autumn. Just as the leaves are constantly falling from trees, I am constantly falling. I don’t mean physically […]