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Hana Meihan Davis
No Lux or Veritas

Emblazoned in bold capitals beneath Yale’s navy coat of arms, hangs a banner that reads “Lux et Veritas” — the University’s official motto. With these […]

DAVIS: It’s always time

On April 9, nine leaders of Hong Kong’s 2014 “Occupy Central” pro-democracy movement were convicted on various counts of conspiracy and “public nuisance.” One of […]

A Spotlight on DACA

If you’ve walked past the Yale Repertory Theater, you will have seen the posters for its newest feature: “WET: A DACAmented Journey.” The piece asks […]

Youthana Yuos
Two Poems

closure   yesterday was breathtaking in the simplest of ways a collage of crushing hugs and easy laughter of reaffirmed sentiments and a watercolour sky […]

Crazy Rich Mothers

Stepping into the overly air-conditioned cinema, I was giddy with excitement. I had fallen, along with the rest of the world, in love with “Crazy […]

Yaya: Employment, not Exploitation

“You spoiled internationals, you all basically have slaves,” were the unprovoked words that came out of the mouth of a drunk first year late one […]

Pour Decisions

We’re sitting around a high table somewhere in the jungle of Hong Kong, plates of steaming food in front of our growling tummies, and tall […]

Unsafe Spaces

I sit, shoulder to shoulder with my closest friends, nestled between panes of icy cold glass and cups of piping hot coffee at our table […]

Next of Skin

I sit amid the clamor of a Monday afternoon in Blue State Coffee, bleary-eyed and ferociously highlighting my dog-eared copy of David Roediger’s “The Wages […]

Balancing Act

There’s a word in Chinese — often used to describe plots in literature and film — that describes a beginning and an end that parallel […]