Beauty School Drop-In

Artie sharpened the charcoal Wet ‘n Wild eye pencil as Sarah, Belle, and Katherine held me down. “No!” I begged my friends. “No, please no!” But they merely laughed and tightened their grips as I thrashed. To makeup obsessed sixth graders, glamorizing a bushy-haired, ice hockey-playing tomboy was too funny a prospect to abandon. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline […]


Dogs are back on the force

Last week, the third floor of the New Haven Police Department headquarters resounded with howls. “Boris!” Officer Steve Silk grunted under his breath to his unyielding partner, a three-year-old German Shepherd. In a graduation ceremony Friday, Boris and Silk became one of three dog and handler teams certified as members of the NHPD’s canine patrol […]