‘The first university in the United States to invite me to speak’: Mulvaney talks free speech, political bias at Buckley event

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spoke about his experiences working in the White House and with political discourse and compromise at a Sept. 12 event organized by the Buckley Institute.

Courtesy of Trevor MacKay
A peaceful place

Morning light filtered through the high arched window, warming the soft pillows and framing the floor. I brushed knees with the person sitting beside me, […]

Fromont and Queralt receive MacMillan International Book Prizes

Professors Cécile Fromont and Didac Queralt recently won International Book Prizes from the MacMillan Center, which come with research appointments and Center funding.

Summer with a side of existential dread

“Everything eats and is eaten. Time is fed.”  Adrienne Lenker repeats in the chorus of “Ingydar.” Though morbid on the surface, I like to think of “Ingydar” as my song of the summer, a reminder to savor days of leisure and warmth before they are eaten away by winter.