Sayyed Haider Hassan
Guest Columnist
Sayyed Haider Hassan is a junior in Morse College. Reach out to him at
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HASSAN: Fragile fortunes

I still remember walking toward Luce Hall on a rainy New Haven day, arriving a little ahead of schedule for my 10:30 a.m. lecture. It […]

HASSAN: The Action Gap

In today’s age where access to our “personal billboards” is at the mercy of a few taps, there has never been a better opportunity to […]

HASSAN: Probability

You may have often come across the word “probability.” The first associations with this word that come to mind are chance, uncertainty, random outcomes and […]

HASSAN: Compounding

Compounding seems to be one of those elusive concepts for the human condition. Through a product evolutionary machinery, our minds operate well projecting linearly, but […]

HASSAN: Intelligence vs Intuition

Steve Jobs once remarked, “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion.”  What is intellect? What is intuition? Although there […]

HASSAN: Signal-to-noise ratio

In physics and engineering, the “signal-to-noise ratio” essentially compares the level of meaningful information, signal, to the level of undesired disturbance, noise. The greater your […]

HASSAN: Prevention is King

As I’ve begun my sophomore year at Yale, a line from Christopher Nolan’s spy-thriller movie “Tenet” has been in my thoughts. Neil, the supporting character, […]

HASSAN: The case for via negativa

As I wrap up the end of my first year, I’ve been thinking about the phrase “via negativa.” It’s an ancient Latin phrase and it […]