Roberts ’65 captures fading cultures

The colorful silk saris of Indian women, the piercing eyes of Southeast Asian children, and the harvests and festivals of villagers are the subject of Fred Roberts’ ’65 photography, currently on display at the Whitney Humanities Center. Roberts, who was a high-powered investment banker, said he left the financial sector and took up photography after […]


A cold war brews on High Street

On its grand opening Monday, Froyo World attracted about 1,350 customers to its High Street location. The next day, The Liberry, a two-year-old New Haven frozen yogurt store just across the street, brought in about six. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”6533″ ] As Froyo World, which says it is Connecticut’s first self-serve frozen yogurt lounge, continues to thrive […]


Trees past their prime, but festival in full bloom

Beneath the cherry trees in Wooster Square Park on Sunday afternoon, squealing children chased after bubbles, dogs barked with excitement and a steel-drum band filled the park with jingling melodies. But there was a major drawback: The cherry trees were not in bloom. The 37th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival was in full swing at the […]


Juniors get tapped, then get crunk

“You’re bad in bed anyway!” screamed a would-be bride as she ran out of Commons in her wedding dress Thursday. While her escort — a policewoman clad in a skin-tight cat suit — followed close behind, the groom stood there laughing beside a reverend donning silk pajamas. As this couple’s public wedding spat played out […]


Grounds for un-inviting MGMT?

Blasphemy! In a YouTube video of a performance by Spring Fling headliner MGMT, whose members graduated from Wesleyan, the guitarist appears to be wearing a “YALE SUCKS” T-shirt. Fast forward to 1:48.


Architecture shows its technical side

Compass and Rule is not the newest secret society on campus. With approximately 100 items, including drawings, manuscripts, maps, models and scientific instruments, “Compass and Rule: Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England, 1500–1750” — currently on display at the Yale Center for British Art — explores the separation of architectural design from physical construction over […]


Black students gather in ‘Solidarity’

More than 500 students from 45 different colleges and universities gathered at Yale over the weekend for the 15th annual Black Solidarity Conference, assembling to discuss progressive change within the black community. To address this year’s theme, “Progress is Personal: Erasing Complacency, Embracing Our Purpose,” events included several speakers, workshops and performances. Friday’s opening ceremony […]


Minibus riders report delays

Carolyn Brown ’13 called the minibus after squash practice this October, thinking that it would be the fastest way to meet her suitemates for a birthday dinner. But when she called, she discovered it might be a belated birthday. “Even though the restaurant was really far away, I had to run,” Brown said. “It was […]


Virtual world, real money in ‘Second Life’

Yale owns two islands. But you can’t get to either of them by air, land or sea. They exist only in Second Life, an online universe where people can buy land and trade services. [ydn-legacy-photo-inline id=”8177″ ] The University purchased its first virtual island, Elihu, in 2007. While the second island lies fallow and Elihu […]