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Footnotes E3: The Hill and the Highway — Urban Renewal in 1960s New Haven

In 1969, Yale planned to demolish the Hill neighborhood to build a parking lot. Residents stepped in and protested the proposal. This Footnotes episode examines […]

Footnotes E2: Mythmaking and the Father of Radio

In this episode of Footnotes, we explore the controversial career and personal life of Yale graduate Lee de Forest, who is best known for inventing […]

Footnotes E1: Affirmative Action at Yale — In History and In 2023

Footnotes is a new history podcast from the Yale Daily News Podcast Desk. In this episode, Rishika Veeramachaneni ’25 and Zawadi Kigamwa ’25 cover the […]

Full Disclosure: Expectations vs. Reality

Seven students discuss how their experiences at Yale have been different from what they’d predicted. Learn more about impostor syndrome, choosing classes, and which residential […]