Gabriel Perlman
Perlman, Washer and Wolfe: Faith in the 21st century

Faith is now becoming the new currency with which international relations are dealt. Boundaries based on culture, identity, even nationhood are wearing out. Religious faith, […]

Perlman: McBulldog goes to Toad’s

Today marks Day One of wild wantonness, lascivious lechery and salacious sensuality. Toads a-hopping, breasts a-jiggling, drunkards a-fiddling — this is the inauguration of Sex […]

Perlman: Where the iThings are

Like “Avatar,” its cinematic counterpart, the iPad took many years to produce, required the most cutting-edge technologies to construct and will, assuredly, generate the millions […]

Perlman: The cultural bridge

This past Thanksgiving break, I found myself going back home to London, England — back to a Europe with a resurgent importance on the geopolitical […]

Perlman: Don’t fear your sections

We all know one when we see one. We all hate one when we see one. We know what they look like, what they dress […]

Perlman: Love and life, scheduled

If Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage,” then are life and love at Yale just part of one big Greek tragedy? Last week, I […]