Gabriel Klapholz
Staff Columnist
Gabriel Klapholz '22 was Opinion Editor of the News from 2019-2020. After graduating Yale, he worked as an antitrust paralegal at the Department of Justice. Gabriel is now a 1L at Yale Law School, with a focus on international law and LGBTQ+ advocacy.
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Researchers uncover potential RNA-targeting drug

Yale researchers have devised a new way to fight infections, using small-molecule drugs to target RNA, instead of the more common drug targets — proteins. […]

KLAPHOLZ: Looking for the 1

I got off the train from New Haven at Grand Central Terminal and started looking for the 1 line, eager to get home after my […]

Yale hosts second annual International Policy Competition

This weekend, 350 undergraduates from across the U.S. gathered at Yale to develop solutions to territorial disputes in the South China Sea. At the second […]

KLAPHOLZ: A speck of dust

During a recent Rosh Hashanah prayer service, I let the beautiful voice of the cantor wash over me as she recited timeless metaphors about the […]

Connecticut economy still lags behind region

Connecticut remains one of the only states in the country that has not recovered from the economic recession that lasted from 2007 to 2009. By […]

KLAPHOLZ: The in-between

In “Warriors of the Heart,” author, activist and peace worker Danaan Parry likens life to swinging between trapeze bars. The moment of transition — when […]