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DEUTCH: I’m not forgetting

When I started at Yale almost four years ago, I didn’t know much about Connecticut. I had never heard of the Metro North. I knew […]

21st Century Security: Yale’s School Shooting Protocols

That possibility looms over every decision made by Bouffard, her staff at the Office of Emergency Management, the Yale Police Department and countless administrative officers. Instead of visibly increasing security infrastructure, Yale has chosen to foster an open, inclusive atmosphere that its students and staff enjoy. But almost certainly, if the unspeakable does happen here, people who appreciated Yale’s freedom and public space will demand to know why Yale did not have better security.

STANFORD, DEUTCH: Two states, many sides

Few skills are more difficult to master than having real conversations about divisive topics. It seems easy in your head; you know what’s right, so all you have to do is articulate it clearly (perhaps loudly) enough for your interlocutor to grasp. But the more you care about the topic, the more forcefully you try to voice your opinions, and the less likely you are to change anybody’s mind.

DEUTCH: A space to empower

It was with the support of my female cabinmates that I felt encouraged to play a pickup game of basketball, pitch a tent for the first time and have difficult conversations about love, loss and life.