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CHOMNALEZ: The fallacy of divestment

Earlier this month, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon came to speak at the Global Colloquium of University Presidents hosted at Yale. His visit coincided with […]

CHOMNALEZ: The shadow of the ivory tower

As I enter the final weeks of my junior year, I have only begun to grapple with the fact that the remainder of my time at Yale is not as boundless as it once seemed.

CHOMNALEZ: A dishonest optimism

Yalies are many things — smart, ambitious, hardworking, upbeat, friendly. Are they honest, though? This might seem like an odd question, and I don’t mean to accuse the student body of serial malice and deceit. For the most part, students, faculty and administrators here are incredibly well-meaning and good-natured. Yet at times, our good intentions and hyper-positive attitude can do us more harm than good.