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F&ES leads carbon charge program

At the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, collective action from students, faculty and staff is making Yale’s pilot Carbon Charge Project more collaborative and educational.

Endowment management scrutinized

Yale’s announcement last week that it divested $10 million from fossil fuels has prompted debate in the investment community over the ethics, legality and practicality of fossil fuel divestment.

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University Provost Benjamin Polak once worked in Warner House, but after Yale created a new position for a dean to oversee the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Polak’s offices relocated to the fourth floor of 2 Whitney Grove Square.

Yale divests $10 million from fossil fuels

After years of dogged student advocacy, the University’s Investments Office has divested part of Yale’s endowment from the fossil fuel industry.

Yale to partially divest from fossil fuels

Almost two years after Chief Investment Officer David Swensen added climate change awareness to Yale’s investment strategy, the endowment is starting to divest from fossil fuels.

Venture capital boosts endowment

With Yale’s endowment at an all-time high of $25.57 billion, the University’s investment success has been buoyed by startups like Uber, Airbnb and LinkedIn.

Yale sends endowment info to Congress

Earlier this week, Yale disclosed information about how it spends and manages its $25.6 billion endowment in response to questions from members of the United States Congress about how wealthy institutions spend their endowments.

Construction plan raises parking concerns

As the decadeslong planning of a new biology building to replace the J.W. Gibbs Laboratory on Science Hill nears completion, the city may be looking into whether the new building warrants the creation of additional nearby parking spaces.

Internet connectivity problems persist

Thursday morning, students reported losing access to the YaleSecure and the YaleGuest networks, and the Yale Information Technology Services website displayed an alert for the internet, phones and television connections.

Newtown teacher arrested for bringing firearm to school

The same town where 26 children and teachers were murdered in a 2012 elementary school shooting faced another scare on Wednesday after a teacher was arrested for bringing a concealed firearm into a middle school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Salovey’s commitment to climate questioned

Student and faculty climate change activists and University administrators seem to disagree over whether Yale is sufficiently dedicated to climate change initiatives.