Evan Gorelick
Staff Reporter
Evan Gorelick is Managing Editor of the Yale Daily News. He previously covered Woodbridge Hall, with a focus on the University's finances, budget and endowment. He also laid out the weekly print edition of the News as a Production and Design Editor. Originally from Woodbridge, Connecticut, he is a junior in Timothy Dwight College double-majoring in English and economics.
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University fundraising spiked during the pandemic, but a dip may be coming

New virtual programming and favorable markets drove Yale to its strongest two years of fundraising ever. But changing market tides may soon reverse pandemic trends.

Yale Investments Office declines to participate in diversity study

When asked to comment on staff diversity, the Investments Office quickly updated its website, adding more women and people of color to its online roster.

Students continue to report WiFi troubles despite “dramatically enhanced” network standards

Yale’s Next Generation Network project is well underway, but improvements claimed by the University do not appear to have impacted user experience.

Blue fences and yellow tape: a look into ongoing campus construction and renovation

Last week, University Provost Scott Strobel detailed 11 ongoing construction projects in Yale’s annual facilities report.

Class-action retirement lawsuit against Yale goes to trial

A federal judge ruled on Friday the University must appear in court over possible mismanagement of employee retirement funds.

Yale endowment return outperforms Ivy League

The University’s 0.8 percent return on its investment holdings was the only positive result reported by elite universities for the last fiscal year. Experts differ in their interpretations of the results.

Yale’s endowment, explained

The dynamics behind endowment spending and investment are nuanced, but they provide important context for ongoing campus debate over endowment usage and best practices.

Lawsuit over Yale Corporation petition process heard in court

The recent lawsuit brought against Yale for its supposed breach of the University Charter progressed to the State’s Superior Court, which will rule on the case by mid-January.

Price uncertainty means Yale’s endowment returns may be lower than they appear

The University’s recently reported 0.8-percent gain may not represent the true return of its portfolio, experts told the News.

Yale endowment grows 0.8 percent, its lowest since the Great Recession

The University’s annual return of $266 million was driven down by the bleak financial environment but ran ahead of figures so far released by peer institutions.

Yale’s application-based majors have dwindled in recent years

As two popular majors switched to prerequisite systems in recent years, other programs have weighed the costs and benefits of limiting their cohorts.