Evan Frondorf
A sense of place through sports

With Yale just weeks away and the world united in football fever, everything felt overwhelmingly, optimistically alive.

Bulldogs tame Mustangs for national title

After a weekend packed with a long schedule of closely contested games, the Yale men’s club basketball team cruised to a 60–48 win over the club team from Cal Poly on Sunday afternoon for the Bulldogs’ first-ever national club basketball title.

FRONDORF: The sports expertise fallacy, no lie

Sports, music, film, video games — they all fall under the same umbrella of “entertainment.”

FRONDORF: Yale football, starting over again

Coach Reno should be given a pass on last season. No first-year coach should have to deal with the inconsistency Reno had to manage at the quarterback position.

FRONDORF: The IOC plays it safe

The IOC played it safe in charting its direction for the future.

FRONDORF: Trading the playbook for the Blue Book

Here are my shopping period picks for a few new non-degree students.

FRONDORF: Reopening the conversation

As always, sports news is a good barometer for the cultural issues drawing the most public interest.

A year to remember in Yale athletics

Last year was one to forget for Yale Athletics.

MEN’S HOCKEY | Bulldogs ready to go

More than a week after Yale’s dramatic wins over Minnesota and North Dakota, the men’s hockey team is leaving today for Pittsburgh.

Sober Soldiers

On Friday, Feb. 15, a few hundred students filed into the John J. Lee Amphitheater in Payne Whitney Gymnasium. For most of them, the night […]

FRONDORF: Rutgers abuse reveals corrupt culture

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Frozen Four coverage for a public service announcement: