Eui Young Kim
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Yale College Class of 2021; Yale Law School Class of 2025
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Surrogates overly confident of patients’ treatment preferences

A new study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine has found that surrogates’ confidence in their ability to make treatment decisions on patients’ […]

Specialty cancer hospitals and affiliates perceived as equals

A new study by researchers at Yale has found that many people feel less motivated to travel to top-ranked cancer hospitals for surgery when smaller […]

Fear of disloyalty explains bias toward bicultural minorities

A new study by researchers at Yale and at other institutes offers a potential psychological explanation for why majority group members exhibit a higher degree […]

Reese discusses the future of a plant-based society

Jacy Reese, research director of the social science think tank the Sentience Institute, discussed the movement towards an animal-free diet at a lecture hosted by […]

Industry payments linked to higher prescription rates

A new study by researchers at Yale and several other institutions has found that physicians prescribe medicines at a higher rate when they receive payments […]

New genes increasing risk of multiple sclerosis identified

An international collaboration led by Yale researchers has identified four novel genes that affect an individual’s risk for multiple sclerosis. In a new study led […]

Study identifies predictors of HIV care retention

A team of Yale researchers has identified some of the key factors that determine whether individuals released from incarceration continue to receive HIV care after […]

Sweeteners prevalent in cigarillos

A team of researchers from Yale and Duke universities has found that high-intensity sweeteners are commonly applied to cigarillos, a smaller form of cigars. High-intensity […]

Study connects gut to brain

A new study by researchers from several institutes including John B. Pierce Laboratory — which is formally affiliated with Yale — describes the mechanism by […]

Tradeoff exists between fighting viruses and chemical damage

A new study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine describes the mechanism by which vaping e-cigarettes can hurt the body’s ability to combat […]

Mandatory drug treatment unnecessary, some prisoners say

While mandatory drug treatments in the criminal justice system are a widespread practice, new research reports that many patients who receive such treatment do not […]