Eui Young Kim
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Yale College Class of 2021; Yale Law School Class of 2025
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Toward a Better Yale

It is a curious thing to grieve someone you’ve never known but share a few things in common with. I never knew Rachael. Everything I […]

Battleground of History

When I told my dad that I had joined the student organization Stand with Comfort Women, he hesitated for a moment before questioning the need […]

Competition can oust regressive corporate cultures

According to a new Yale School of Management study, an extreme wage gap allows an emergent, progressive corporate culture to displace a regressive, outdated one. […]

Aging accelerated in black and less educated women

A new study by researchers at Yale, the National Institutes of Health, Stanford and UCLA found that black and less-educated older women experience an accelerated […]

Depression may speed brain aging

A new study by researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that depression is associated with a lower density of synapses, which allow communication […]

Resolving intergroup conflicts improves Army mental health

After examining conflict between commanders and mental health professionals in the U.S. Army, a new School of Management study found that professionals who were assigned […]

Edward Zigler, “Father of Head Start”, dies at 88

Edward F. Zigler, Yale Sterling professor emeritus of psychology known as the “Father of Head Start,” passed away last Thursday in his North Haven home. He was 88.

Worry decreases attention to positive images

A new study by researchers at Yale and the Complutense University of Madrid found that worry turns people away from positive information to a much […]

Children’s gender may bias pain assessments

A new study by researchers at Yale and Georgia State University found that explicit gender stereotypes may bias physicians’ assessments of children’s pain. The team […]

New intervention found to reduce desire for vengeance

Led by psychiatry professor Michael Rowe GRD ’96 and lawyer and psychology lecturer James Kimmel Jr., the paper was published on Dec. 18 in The […]

Research suggests strategies to combat scientific misinformation

With many Americans skeptical about the effects of climate change, a perspective piece by researchers at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and […]