Ethan Dodd
DODD: Sit down, be humble

Yalies, like so many graduates of elite universities, are guilty of believing we have all the answers. Whether buried in books or screens, we believe […]

DODD: Choosing politics

Yale’s political climate is political in all the wrong ways. The space for students to disagree politically and be friends at the end of the […]

DODD: Elites, know thy ignorance

Trump’s performance surprised pundits this election: 47 percent of the country voted for him, even with a pandemic and recession. This unprecedented support has led […]

Is Jazz Dead?

Contemporary popular culture caricatures jazz as the music of their grandparents, the intelligentsia and elevators. In 2014, Nielsen reported that jazz garners a whopping 1.4% […]

Stop Scrolling

For most people, movies are an escape from reality. They give you characters to live through. They capture your passive attention. For a brief time, […]

False Appearances

You know those childhood films that you watch again as an adult and which are supposed to corrupt your childhood innocence? Well, this isn’t one […]