Erin Scharff
For Class Day, Havel fits our unstable world

My roommate has begun to read the New York Times as a portent of a coming apocalypse. Reading the newspaper’s continual description of tragedy and […]

Continuing the dream of American immigrants

“Freedom!” “Freedom!” “Freedom!” This past Monday, I joined students, workers and other members of the New Haven community in chanting “freedom” in Chinese. We were […]

Breathe a sigh of relief: It’s over

I’ve spent the past two days in a state of suspended animation. Every time the phone rang, I’d answer it expectantly, hoping someone would tell […]

There’s one way Yale can end this

I walked through Old Campus Friday night, and for a few minutes, Yale College seemed normal. Freshmen were clumped in large groups. College names were […]

Unionization and its discontents?

I’ve always found large crowds of people chanting in unison somewhat frightening. It’s just a bit too “Triumph of the Will.” Protesting is not my […]

D.S. not suicide, but baptism by (canon) fire

Myths surround Directed Studies, Yale’s yearlong introduction to the Western canon. Call it D.S., call it Directed Suicide, or call it crazy, Directed Studies is […]