Eric Purington
Don’t whitewash early app. issue

Harvard University, Princeton University and Yale used to be like those three annoying kids in elementary school. When one did something, the other two would […]

Early admissions change generated premature praise

After yesterday’s news that Harvard University dropped early admissions, what are the chances that Yale will do the same — nearly 100 percent? It seems […]

Record of bygone high jinks can linger on Web

Have you seen the study that reports massive reductions in student productivity because of Facebook? I haven’t yet, but sooner or later, such a study […]

Overuse enslaves ‘freedom’

Liberty is out, and freedom is in. Less than a year ago, President Bush said in his second inaugural address, “We go forward with complete […]

In Germany, anti-U.S. spells bad politics

As an American in Germany in 2004, my conversation with Germans began with two questions: Wie heisst du? (What is your name?), and Bush oder […]