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On the Edge of My Seat

Art and Industry in Early America: Rhode Island Furniture, 1650-1830 is an exciting new exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery surveying cabinets, chairs, tables, clocks and more from the early days of that wonderful state. It’s the first comprehensive look at its subject in half a century, so seeing the exhibit is a little like seeing Halley’s comet. Art and Industry runs until January 8 of next year, allowing plenty of time for interested students to check it out.

Hey you! See this show!

“Hey You! ~ Who Me?” is the last exhibit at 32 Edgewood Robert Storr has organized as Dean of the School of Art. Storr brought […]

Yalies Travel to Wyoming – Via Kroon Hall

The most important piece of information at the small exhibit in Room G01, Kroon Hall is its title: “Ucross: A Portrait in Place.” The exhibit only makes sense with the knowledge that all the works were inspired by the same place, Ucross Foundation’s cattle ranch in Wyoming. The artworks produced by the seven featured artists initially seems too diverse to cohere, but by keeping an idea of the ranch as setting and source of inspiration, I could see them begin to speak to each other, and a portrait of the place really does emerge.


Politics can feel like an exclusive affair. You’re either completely devoted, or you’re not doing enough. Take choosing your presidential candidate: Bernie or Hillary? (Or Trump or Cruz or Rubio?)

City look for community engagement to develop Wooster Square

As a part of New Haven’s greater efforts to connect the Wooster Square area to downtown, New Haven officials met last night to discuss steps to improve transit options and introduce a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment in the area.

To engage community, Elm City Market offers free chocolate

A lively mix of Yale students and New Haven residents wandered through Elm City Market Wednesday evening to taste a variety of chocolate products.

Library considers long-term leasing

During their meeting last night, the Board of the New Haven Free Public Library discussed the possibility of allowing private organizations to rent out space from the library for long-term use.

Harp looks to increase homeless program oversight

Mayor Toni Harp has proposed creating a new administrative position to oversee the city’s homelessness prevention programs, a move that would streamline relations with local homeless service providers.

With flags and candles, students observe World AIDS Day

Students passing through Cross Campus on Monday afternoon bore witness to 750 red flags that were planted as part of a demonstration for World AIDS day.

Alders weigh greenway designation for West River site

Following a Board of Alders meeting at City Hall last night, city officials will likely agree to put support behind the West River Watershed Coalition’s effort to designate the West River site a greenway.

YSO to perform ‘unfinished’ works

Two weeks after selling out Woolsey Hall with its annual Halloween Show, the Yale Symphony Orchestra will return to its classical roots this weekend.