Emma Fallone
FALLONE: Does the YUAG believe?

The original wishes of Believe In People in the display of his work should be respected, as of those of any artist within the YUAG’s collection.

FALLONE: Speaking the same language

We Yalies often have issues with communication. Though disappointingly few choose to study abroad, the struggle for mutual understanding also underlies many of our on-campus concerns.

FALLONE: The meerkat on Cross Campus

Take the time to look closely at “Habakuk,” and be cognizant of your response.

FALLONE: A weekly ritual

Upon seeing my room for the first time, it’s not uncommon for people to ask in disbelief, “Woah, you write letters?”

FALLONE: Rejection, not failure

We don’t like to talk about our failures, the painful moments of disappointment when we’re told we didn’t make the cut. Successes, on the other hand, are all too public.

FALLONE: For the sake of knowledge

If our years at college are meant to be about accumulating as much knowledge as possible, then it is almost wasteful to simply choose four or five courses to attend.

FALLONE: For the sophomores

If freshman year was the time to explore, then sophomore year is the time to reevaluate.