Art exhibit displays works created from foodstuffs

Fifty-four slices of bread went into the creation of this enormous 2-by-3-foot piece, entitled “Nate.” The slices were toasted lightly and treated with Vegemite and margarine to create the distinctive look of the piece, and were then layered on a foam core.


The Dean talks chocolate

Dean Mary Miller gives a lecture on chocolate at La Casa.She also prepared a batch of Mexican hot chocolate for herself and attendants after the lecture. The Thursday event was part of a celebration of Native American Heritage Month, and also featured a dance exhibition, “Giving Thanks to Condor and Eagle.”



The wind sweeps through your hair and breathes through your nose, tanned and slightly freckled — the water takes you away and you don’t wave goodbye the waves wash over me sputtering, stuttering I don’t care, I whisper as my hair swarms around me laden with memories it hangs I crumble sand in my fists


Halloween with Levin

In keeping with tradition, University President Richard Levin and his wife Jane hosted a Halloween party in their home at 43 Hillhouse Ave. Sunday night. As part of the festivities, Yale’s youngest a cappella group Shades performed. Although Levin himself did not don a costume, he encouraged students to sport their own getup.


Copper Kitchen closes

After 26 years on Chapel Street, Copper Kitchen owner Bill Kalogeridis closed up shop for the final time Wednesday. To commemorate the diner’s closing, Kalogeridis, pictured, served loyal customers and employees slices of a farewell cake reading “We will miss you.” Copper Kitchen announced it would close this month after failing to find favorable terms […]


Halloween at Yale: Pumpkins on Parade

Some students living on Old Campus have been taking festive study breaks: first-year students in Pierson College carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween celebrations later this week. Passersby can see the class of 2014’s artwork on the walls of the Lanman-Wright courtyard.


Multimedia Special Feature: OlympusFest

On Friday, Oct. 8, Yale celebrated OlympusFest, an event cosponsored by the Yale Hellenic Society and YCouture and inspired by the Greek gods themselves. But this was not your average toga party — there was nary a bedsheet or ADPhi brother in sight! The Hellenic Society provided the Greek inspiration (and the grapes), and YCouture […]


Spoof e-mail promises ‘Gradification’

For the past few weeks, Yale students have been receiving e-mails from “The Gradifi Team,” a duo of recent graduates who have launched a Web site for Yale students that allows them to access more extensive reviews of courses and professors than that which is offered by Yale’s online course evaluation system. Inspired, some other […]


A fall feast, courtesy six countries, a continent and a university

Today’s Fall Festival on Old Campus featured cuisines from eight countries, but two of them were somewhat suspect. In addition to Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the United States, the country of “Asia” was included. Even more puzzlingly, a tent labeled Columbia — as in the university — also infiltrated the international food festival, […]