Emily Anthes
The Hunt for the Uterine Truss

Earlier this month, with my senior essay deadline looming, my procrastination attempts reached a heroic new level of heroism. I set out on a mission, […]

Quiet Americans face tensions abroad

Andrew Goldberg ’04 received an unexpected orientation session when he arrived in London for his internship this summer. “I was just taking pictures of Big […]

Singing hopefuls improvise for rush meals

At 6 p.m., the height of the dinner rush, the Broadway restaurant strip is the place to see and be seen — especially for the […]

Administrators ‘AIM’ to communicate better

The door squeaks. Your residential college dean “has entered.” Years ago, AOL Instant Messenger revolutionized communication and procrastination for students across the nation. But now, […]

Avoiding Yale’s graveyard of failed publications

In a corner of Sterling Memorial Library, through two sets of double doors and behind the rattling glass, a few dusty bookshelves hold a history […]

This time, a different campus reaction to war

As bombs fell in Iraq and dusk fell on New Haven on Jan. 19, 1991, students congregated on Beinecke Plaza to express their outrage over […]

Popularity of dance exceeds resources

After two nights of performances in the space she spent a week painstakingly preparing, Camele-Ann White ’03 went to bed happy. But early the next […]

With new activism, a rise on the right

When she first stepped onto campus, Jennifer Barnes ’06 was bombarded with evidence of political activism. During her first three months at Yale, hundreds of […]

Presidency beckons for a Yale prankster

Howard Dean ’71 wants to be the next president. But before he served five terms as governor of Vermont, before he began practicing medicine, and […]

Studying women and gender

In 1969, when women were first admitted to Yale College, the administration was concerned they would distract men from their studies. Ten years later, in […]

On the Sidelines

Shrieks of laughter and groans of exertion escape from a small fifth-floor room in Payne Whitney Gymnasium, where the Yale cheerleading team practices. Surrounded by […]